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General Information

Chisinau International Court of Commercial Arbitration is a permanent arbitration institution. It is independent and institutionalized as a permanent body, attached to the Employers Association "American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova" (AmCham).


AmCham is constantly identifying and striving towardsthe most modern solutions that can be used to improve the business climate in Moldova. It is in light of this, that AmCham initiated a project based on the need to create an efficient and independent platform for settling disputes that may inevitably occur in trade relations.
The Chisinau International Court of Commercial Arbitration was established at the initiative of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, on 12 August 2016, and became fully operational on 1 March 2017.


The courts' mission is to be a forum for modern domestic and international dispute resolution, which alongside other relevant institutions will help to promote justice reform in Moldova and the plenary protection of rights and interests of participants in the economic cycle.

About AmCham Moldova

AmCham is a non-governmental, non-profit association in Moldova. As a member of the network of 125 American Chambers of Commerce around the world, AmCham's mission is to promote US trade and investment in Moldova, and to cooperate with the Moldovan government and business leaders to develop a more favorable business climate for trade and foreign investment in Moldova. Currently, AmCham Moldova has 122 members.

For additional information, visit the AmCham website: www.amcham.md