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The Chisinau International Court of Commercial Arbitration (CACIC) offers arbitration practitioners the possibility to be listed on the List of arbitrators.
Being included on the List of Arbitrators isn't mandatory, but can assist parties in appointing an arbitrator willing to arbitrate under the CACIC Rules of Arbitration.
Parties involved in arbitration and the President of the Court are free to appoint any arbitrator and are not constrained by the List of Arbitrators offered

To be considered for inclusion on the list of arbitrators, please complete the following steps:
1. Complete and sign the Application form for inclusion on the List of Arbitrators.
2. Complete and sign the Consent for personal data processing.
3. Send your Candidate portfolio for inclusion in the List of Arbitrators to cacic@amcham.md by email, attaching all relevant documents in PDF format only.

Candidates may also send their documents by mail or courier to:


The American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova

45B Puskin street, MD - 2005

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.