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For the last seven years, Dumitru Melnic has participated in various roles in resolving complex disputes in the Republic of Moldova, Russia, United States, representing the interests of private, public-private companies, as well as, public authorities. He was actively involved in rendering legal assistance to companies from the energy sector from the Republic of Moldova, Russia, and Vietnam, mainly in the international trading of products in the natural gas sector, energy regulation, and corporate legal assistance. The arbitration disputes in which he participated as a consultant were related construction contracts (FIDIC). He participated as a consultant at the conclusion of contracts for the trading of natural gas (EFET).

With an academic background in economics and private international law, he had the opportunity to acquire knowledge on international commercial transactions, while the work experience in transnational companies grounded his expertise.

Currently, Dumitru Melnic serves as Adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Moldovagaz” JSC on legal issues, being involved in complex disputes of the Moldovagaz group of companies in the energy sector in different jurisdictions.